Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY Friday: Print your own invitations

I thought I'd share the newest design of printable invitations I created for my etsy shop. My son wanted to have a sleepover birthday party this year, so we headed down to my studio for a little brainstorming session. His idea was to have kids lined up in their cocoon-like sleeping bags and also to include the snow boarding that he was hoping to also do with his friends. His sketch looked like this:
My apologies for the lack of color correcting on this sketch, but you get the idea.

Since he's too young to really understand that living in Cincinnati, Ohio means that we could have spring-like 65 degree temperatures and arctic -10 degree temperatures all in the same month of January (which we literally have had this year), I convinced him to go for the most reliable theme and keep it to the sleeping bags.

Thus the new design was born. Oliver liked the plaid patterns on the bags, it's boyish and kind of camp-y. He also had me change all the face and hair color to match the friends he'd be inviting to the party. I think it covers most 8 year old boys pretty well!

The party printables (etsy link here) include a completely coordinated and fully customizable invitation, thank you card, circle stickers/tag template and drink box covers. All are set up in a Word document so you can type you own info in and get printing. then take a nice nap before your party, 'cause you're going to need it...

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