Thursday, August 15, 2013

My favorite invitation of All Time

I've been desperately trying to find the time to photograph this invitation and show it off. It is the product of a collaboration between my client Jen (who had the guts and the vision to create such a statement piece), Jenna Blazevich and myself.

Jen's wedding is going to be full of fun bright colors (she had me at neon pink) and gorgeous gold details. Jen wanted to really ramp up the fun for the invitation, but still appeal to the formality and beauty of the wedding. There was no doubt that Jenna's beautiful calligraphy would be the way to go! We printed her artwork in gold foil and infused the super thick card stock with intense turquoise color.

Then we hit a design wall. The invitation suite needed something to bring the colors together and add a modern touch but I felt my own graphic patterns were too hard and I wanted something more flowery but not too old fashioned. I spent some quality time looking up decorative papers online and found the perfect pattern on Spoonflower by a designer named Katarina Roccella (take a look at her other patterns here--you can see what a tough choice it was with all the beautiful designs!). Then the world heard a trio of high pitched squeals as I passed along the pattern to Jen and Jenna. It was absolutely perfect! I used the paper as custom envelope liners and finished off the colorful design with a hot pink envelope (Jenna's calligraphy for each guest's address) and reply card in saffron yellow. It was a day to make this bright color, pattern loving, traditional with a touch of modern girl happy indeed. I could not have done it without my team of talent, and I am so grateful!

As a side note, I decided to order some of the same liner pattern in wallpaper and used it on my stair risers. More on that later.


  1. Really stunning!!!Thank you so much for using my designs!:))

  2. love love love!!! my very favorite also!!


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