Friday, August 2, 2013

An Autumn Country Wedding

Well, it's been nearly a year, so I thought I'd better post these beautiful images of the wedding I helped style last fall. This one was at our family farm amid the rolling hills of Adams County, Ohio. It was a beautiful day for many reasons, not the least of which was watching two wonderful people celebrate their love for each other and their family. I've got an important Mother Nature warning at the end...
Mallory and Jen taking photos in the orchard.

Don't these ring bearers look like little Amish kids?

The reception was in a barn lit with lanterns and strings of lights. There were sets of tables and chairs in each of the stalls so guests could relax and enjoy the music of Ma Crow.

An oversized monogram covered with flowers hung above the "altar" on the barn.

Guests sat on bales of hay covered with burlap and folding chairs.
Jen included her mother's brooch in her memory.

A new family is born!

The lofts were great places to watch the dancing.

Amish pies were placed among vintage table cloths and rustic crates. That's me serving it up in the background.
Adding your own quirky personality to details like the wedding program makes it fun for everyone. This is a favorite quote from Princess Bride.

The old trough becomes a watering hole for the 2-legged guests.

Purple made a beautiful accent color for the fall.

You never know with mother nature what you're going to get! It was crazy windy that day! I spent several panicked hours taping down table cloths in vain, only to purchase every oversized binder clip at the West Union Walmart to clamp down those cloths. You can't plan for everything, but remember the wind that blows out candles, lifts tents and turns table cloths into sails.


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