Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall Purple Color Palette inspired by wild flowers

I am very fortunate to have a country haven where my family can relax, get dirty, and enjoy our own piece of land. I'm sure you're thinking that I must be an earthy, hiker gal who loves nothing more than getting lost in the woods. I'll go ahead and pop that bubble for you. I LIKE nature. I actually really LOVE nature, but at a respectable distance. Hiking is a bit of a struggle for me because I'm usually looking down trying not to trip, not up at the beauty of the land. And getting "lost" in nature is a real possibility for me since I have no sense of direction at all, so for that reason taking random hikes in the woods gives me actual heart palpitations. I also really, really dislike spiders and ticks. And extreme heat. And thorny brambles. So now that you know I'm a complete nature sissy, I feel I can move on with this post without you thinking I'm something that I'm definitely not.

My brother-in-law purchased an old golf cart some years ago and let me tell you, it's literally the best thing that ever happened to our farm getaways. There are mown paths all over the property so that we (meaning me) can enjoy all the beauties of nature without actually walking through the very prickly brambles. The kids have all gotten their 'drivers licenses' and take us for lovely jaunts through the 90-some acres of woods, grass, cliffs and sink holes.

It was on one of these jaunts with my 10 year old driver daughter that we gathered samples of all the wild flowers that were growing all over the property. With the exception of the Queen Anne's Lace and Brown Eyed Susans, all the flowers we'd found were some lovely shade of purple. From left to right, the flowers are probably poke berry, iron weed, clover, thistle, the bluer one in the back I don't know, and butterfly bush. I was charmed, and after stopping at a natural spring to fill up our used water bottle with cool water from the inside of the earth (how magical natural springs are!), we stored our treasures and headed for the house. Of course I had to make an impromptu photo session to enjoy the flowers even more. That, my friends is the benefit to having nothing but time and no internet access. You actually take the time to do things slowly and deliberately. Or at least I do.

And so I'm sharing this incredibly beautiful purple palette with you because you might be looking for color ideas for your fall wedding, or party. A lovely collection of antique bottles, each supporting a pure thing of beauty on a table of lace makes an understated but utterly sophisticated centerpiece.

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  1. This is just beautiful, Margot! The purples this time of year are something to behold!


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