Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Handwritten fonts on wedding invitations

I am really thrilled with the handwriting trend in invitations now. I think it's a responsive push back to all the digital communication we receive, don't you? I'm a big fan of calligraphers, don't let your own amateur status keep you from adding your own special touch to your invitations. I designed this particular invitation for a client who already knew how she wanted the invitation to look--and her mother was the "hand" in the handwritten part. She just needed help getting the concept into a printable form, which I was more than happy to do! The result was a personal touch that was made more elegant with the gold foil touches. And the pink, pink and gold combo was especially yummy! I never get tired of pink...


  1. Elegant card Margot.Pink all the way.Loved it!!

  2. Its really wonderful!! I am surprised that such a beautiful and complex font is handwritten by you and color with gold foil are really fantastic. After long time i have seen such a invitation design.

  3. Awesome card! Its really amazing to see that you made your invitation card by yourself. I like the design and its really impressive. I have also bought some Wedding Invitation Card from a good place but I haven't found any design like this. Thanks for sharing this, I ll try it.


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