Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wedding Invitation Trends: Handwritten & Calligraphy

So, what's new in wedding invitations? A hand-written touch. A counter-action against all the digital in our lives, I'd wager. The upgraded printing processes now allow customized artwork like painted backgrounds and hand-drawn strokes to print beautifully on papers. Let's eat it up!

Here are some examples of how a hand-written invitation can be as diverse as your personality. Casual and free? formal and elegant? You've got that and more. And don't forget the envelope to start the whole personalized message!
Love the vibrant watercolor background in this invitation by Cards and Pockets.

Simple gold on textured cream cardstock lets the calligraphy be the star of this invitation created by Robin Love.

 Handwriting on colorful cardstock feels informal and friendly from Katie Murphy Stationery.
 Moira Design Studio taking the folksy illustrative details to the envelope. I am in love with this liner!
 Love the colors and postage stamp options on this one from Neither Snow. A little accent goes a long way!
 Sweet calligraphy on the card, and wrapped up with a touch of colorful patterned paper. From Paper Pasteries.
 Love this bright apple red design from Shannon Kirsten! What a great iinvitation for a country wedding.
I love this sweet illustration mixed with the fonts from Wedding Chicks. It keeps everything super legible but still with an artistic flair.

Of course I have to include my two recent favorites that I designed with my brides this year. I'm still in love with these! If you're as charmed as I am with this calligraphy trend, I've got more where these came from on my Beautiful Paper Pinterest Board.

Calligraphy by Jenna Blazevich.


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