Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Felting Fun

This is not a tutorial, just a sharing post on what I made this year for my holiday decorations. I've been pretty obsessed with candy colors for Christmas for over a year. I love those ribbon candies so much, because of their beautiful combination of colors and the nostalgia they bring. Not that we ever had such ribbon candy growing up--my mom was more of a chocolate kind of lady so our sweets were of that nature. Is it not my right to live in a fantasy nostalgia? You can do anything you want a Christmas, that's what I say.

So I set out to create some felted ornaments in the "candy colors" style. I'm so thankful for Sarah Miller of Moonforest Studio for teaching me how to felt and keeping me stocked with fluffy white wool and the beautiful colored felting wool. Felting has been a relaxing activity to do while the tv is on or while the kids are doing their homework. And I like that if you make a wrong shape, the felting process is very forgiving--a few more pokes in the other direction and some aggressive squashing and you're back where you wanted to be.

I keep thinking I'm going to make them into ornaments and give them away to friends, but I'm not sure I'm ready to part with them yet.

Hope you are enjoying the art of holiday decorating too!

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