Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A DIY Valentine Door Decor

Do you ever make things too complicated that you can't even get started? I do that more than I'd like to admit, I must say. I've been hemming and hawing for YEARS about a Valentine door decoration. It's ridiculous now that I see this confession in print. It's not Christmas, it's not spring, it should be sweet but you know, not too cutsie, it shouldn't cost any money. It's very tiring being in my head.

For some reason, yesterday I popped out of that funk. I quit working for the day, whipped out an unused sample of burlap, grabbed my fluorescent pink paint and one of my quilting hoops and just made something. I didn't make a template. I didn't think about what else needed to be done to it. I stopped before my over analyzing self realized what I was doing and took over. I hung this little guy on the door while the paint was still drying! Badaboom.

I think you can probably figure this out yourself, but in case you want the cheat sheet and irrelevent commentary:

Quilting hoop (this is about 18")
Burlap fabric (mine is cream colored rather than brown)
Fluorescent Pink paint (fabric paint if your door is more exposed and could get wet)
Black Sharpie with a wide chisel tip, or black paint
Paint brushes
Paper to protect your workspace

Put down the protective paper on a flat work surface. Lay the burlap over that and place one quilting hoop ring on top of that, so you have an idea where your heart should go and how big it should be. Free-hand the heart and paint it in. Add the arrow details with your Sharpie or black paint. Don't listen when your daughter tells you that your arrow is a little crooked. Imperfections are charming! Fit the painted burlap into the hoop and hang that cute thing on your door for heaven's sake.

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