Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amy Butler: Blossom Magazine, Issue 2

If I had to describe what I love most about graphic design, it would be the pattern and color. I am drawn to bold and bright, multicolored and graphic patterns every time, whether they are Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, Swedish or Dutch. This love of pattern has me swooning over pretty much anything Amy Butler designs. Amy has been sharing her inspirations about her art and her personal life in her online magazine Blossom. I spent some time last night looking at all the beautiful pages in the magazine. Really, it's not going to be enough time for me. Amy can fill a page with so much color and pattern that it boggles my mind and I'm left craving a hold-in-my-hand copy of the magazine so that I can really look inside and see all that there is. I'm left sighing a silent, "Wow".

Here are two of my favorite spreads. Here is the link to look at the mag on your own time.
I want my hall way to look like this.

I stared at this spread a good long time.

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