Friday, August 26, 2011

I get to meet a special friend!

Do you get shy when it comes to meeting people you admire? I used to, but with my new 40-year-old-I-don't-give-a-damn-what-people-say attitude, I'm determined to live life to the fullest. This includes making efforts to contact and meet people who I find inspiring, even if I think they will be "too big or important" to want to meet me. Life is too short to not reach out and at least try!

This week I was able to meet Holly Becker. I have mentioned Holly before (like I said, I admire her!) on the blog because I took her most excellent class "Blogging Your Way" last year. Let me shamelessly plug that class for a second to say that it changed my life. Or at least it changed my blogging life. The on-line class was very helpful in giving me specific advice on finding my own voice, presenting myself on-line in a way that reflects my style, and gave me tons of ideas to help me make more of my blog. Any time I get a little anxious about what I should do next, I peruse my notes from the class and get a great idea. Even better, and this is so "Holly", she set up a Yahoo group of Blogging Your Way graduates that continues the supportive and friendly community established through the class. Members can ask anything from how to put a widget on their blog to where they should go to dinner. It's great.

Holly is the founder of the massively successful blog Decor8, a compendium of interior decorating ideas, products to love, people to watch and more. This year, Holly's book Decorate was published and distributed by Chronicle Books. It's sold at Anthropologie stores nation and world-wide. I admit to getting the book later than most of Holly's fans and I attribute this to my not getting out much (hello 3 kids in summer) but when I heard that she would be presenting at the Chicago Anthropologie store and signing books after, then I delayed no longer! I bought it and was really impressed. My daughter and I absorbed every page of the book on my front porch.

Other than looking at the beautifully photographed interiors, one of my favorite parts of the book is how Holly breaks down some interior decorating styles. Now, some of you lucky people may already know what your style is and how to do it, but I personally struggle with this all the time. After looking at the style personalities, I realized that I'm a "Colorful" girl with hopes of having enough confidence to one day try the "Floral" style (if my husband will consent). Here are some exerpts of the book:

What was it like to meet one of my on-line mentors? It was everything I'd hoped it would be! Holly is a warm and genuine woman with an open heart and bold spirit. She is smart as well as creative and I enjoyed hearing her talk about pushing through the publishers when they had strong suggestions about what her readers would want to see (as if they would know more than she!). This is a rare quality for someone so young, and I was uplifted to hear it. And what about her being "too big and important"? Ridiculous. We, and a bevy of amazing blogging women (plus my sweet brother who was visiting as well), went to have drinks after the book signing and it was just like, well, having drinks with friends! Lovely, and completely worth the trip. I will say that while the book is full of wonderful photos and ideas, this part is really my favorite. :o)


  1. Fantastic, Margot! You are more than WORTHY!

  2. I got to meet with Margot because I admire her... What goes around comes around. And, I'm not even 40!! Go Margot!

  3. Hi Margot. So fun to hear about your adventure going to the book signing. I went with two fellow BYW students here in LA and it was great. I'm still working my way through the book. I can't believe how much Holly packed in there. It's definitely a book you can go back to again and again and continue to gain new insights from. BTW, meeting you has been one of the highlights of my BYW experience. :)


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