Friday, December 2, 2011

Bow ties Are Cool

How cute is that?

Here's the truth: The entire Madison family is obsessed with Dr. Who. For those of you who are not enlightened, it's a British science fiction show. It's a mildly scary family show but my kids love a little fear in their tv line-up. It's possible that you might be thinking of Dr. Who of the 70s and 80s where the sets looked like they were designed by the 6th grade art department. It is the same series, but thoroughly updated to the 21st century. Anyway, it's nerdy, but we like nerdy stuff and are proud of it.

The most recent incarnation of Dr. Who (Matt Smith) wears a bowtie as a part of his "look". When my daughter Julia caught on to that, it started a "Bowties Are Cool" movement in her own 6th grade class. Bow ties were being crafted out of paper, duct tape, ribbons, whatever they could find. Suffice it to say, anything with a bow tie is now "Cool".

Naturally, when I pulled out the Shrinky Dink plastic a few weeks ago, Julia immediately started creating bowties of various sizes and patterns. There was a little eye-rolling by me, but since I am really trying to not be THAT kind of mom (meaning "old and out of touch"), I rolled my eyes back forward and decided to be supportive. I'm glad I did because that little Shrinky-Dink bow tie was so darn cute when it came out of the oven! Now I eagerly jumped on the bow tie bandwagon, and ran to get my bag o' beads from my studio. We dismantled an old broken necklace to get the chain (about 18" long) and attached it to 2 jump rings that we'd placed on the holes at the top of the bow tie. We all really love how it turned out and immediately set out to make more. Luckily, none of Julia's friends read my blog so they won't know what their Christmas gift will be this year... :o)
Julia styled Natalie and took this picture. Lookin' good eh?


  1. Love it! Such a cute a idea!

    Also, I mean Natalie looks PRECIOUS. Props to Julia on the styling/photography and prop to Natalie on being the cutest little thing!

  2. I want two. Is she taking orders?

  3. Saw this in the Whipperberry link party and had to rush over. Adorable! We're major fans of the Doctor too. My 3 year old dressed up as him for halloween complete with TARDIS, while my dh and I were Rory and Amy. Nobody knew who we were, but we were impressed with ourselves. ;)


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